Client Testimonials

"On several occasions I have purchased solid state battery charger controls from "Auto-trol, Limited" that I have used on underground coal mining chargers with great success. Lisa and her father have been able to help me with questions that I have had about their product and it has been a pleasure dealing with them."

Denny G. - Grayco, Inc.


"We at Commercial Battery Service Inc. have used the Auto-Trol products since 1995. We like the Auto-Trol products because of easy installation, outstanding support and something no one else in the industry offers on control boards, the rebuild program."

Kevin L.-Commercial Battery Service Inc.


"I want to express my experience I have with Auto-Trol over the years in the industrial charger business.
I started working with the Auto-Trol back in the early 1980s.  I have installed hundreds of these controllers all over the country with great results.  My customers have not had any trouble with this controller.  It has a simple theory and design that makes sense in the proper charge back profile.  This profile was a time profile we used in 1970, up from the straight timing operation.

We used the old mechanical voltage relay that would start the mechanical timer that ran 3 hours two off.  This was the most true charging profile we used for years.  There are other profiles that are out in the market with a complicated DV/DT circuit that I have had undercharging issues.  And because of this, I support the style of the Auto-Trol.

In my 42 years in the service and sales of industrial chargers, I have not found a better charger controller.  You will not find anyone better to work with than Lisa and Lee Gasseway.  They always are helpful and eager to work through any problems I run into.

I have enough faith in this product that I put my name and personal phone service label next to every Auto-Trol I install."

Wayne S. - Soderbeck Systems


"We have been purchasing the Auto-Trol Charger Controls for many years. These controls have been easy to install and are very reliable. We highly recommend the Auto-Trol Charger Controls. "

Rick A. - Enterprise Battery


"It is my pleasure to say that I have been a customer of Auto-Trol Limited for the past 20 years now. They have continually provided their customers a choice of high quality charger controllers. We have used the AT-100 series without any manufacture defects from hundreds of units sold & installed. One large customer of ours bought 175 units alone. We really like the simplicity of the products, the ease of installation along with lots of support. Both on paper supplied with each unit and on the phone when needed. Thank you so much for a great product line! Great support & great prices! "

Ross A. - Power Medic Technologies, Inc.


"Courtney Industrial Battery has enjoyed working with Auto-Trol for many years.  Superior, cost effective products, combined with their awesome customer service makes them an ideal vendor!  We may not be their biggest customer, but they have always treated us as such.  We look forward to working with them for many years to come."

Sue K. - Courtney Industrial Battery Inc.


"Wagstaff Battery has sold and installed Auto-Trol Battery Charger Controls since their introduction. The Auto-Trol is easy to install and very reliable, but should a problem arise the level of support is fantastic. We highly recommend the Auto-Trol line of Battery Charger Controls."

Doug T - Owner- Wagstaff Battery.