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We at Commercial Battery Service Inc. have used the Auto-Trol products since 1995. We like the Auto-Trol products because of easy installation, outstanding support and something no one else in the industry offers on control boards, the rebuild program.

Kevin L.-Commercial Battery Service Inc.

Welcome to Auto-Trol

Auto-Trol Limited is the only controller you will ever need for your battery chargers and industrial applications.

We have been in business since 1979. We are located in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon. Auto-Trol Limited is a family owned and operated business. Auto-Trol Limited strives to produce the highest quality control boards for your industrial needs. We build control boards that are very reliable under many kinds of environments.


The New AT-1000 Multi-Functional Auto-Trol is NOW AVAILABLE!

You can now service a 6-64 cell battery in the field! Choose which options you want to use and disable the ones you dont want right there in the field!


?Battery Cells 6-64 cells (12 cell Factory Default)
Timer Trip Voltage Adjustment (2.37V Factory Default)
Overvoltage Shutdown (2.70V Factory Default)

Auto-Equalize (Disabled from Factory)

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The model AT-10/AT-10AE Auto-Trol is the original style control board. The AT-10/AT-10AE Auto-Trol can and will extend the battery life, reduce maintenance, and save you power. This unit has many desired features.

Timer Trip Voltage Adjustment (TV)
Overvoltage Shutdown (OVS)
Backup Timer
Equalize Charging

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AT-100/AT-100AE Auto-Trol?Battery Charger Control extends battery life, reduces, maintenance and saves power by replacing existing timers on all makes of battery chargers so that the battery always becomes fully charged, without being overcharged, each recharge cycle. This unit offers many desirable features.

Delayed Start (DS)
Overvoltage Shutdown (OVS)
Backup Timer
Equalize Charging

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